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Safe & Secure

We've built the world's most sophisticated bitcoin mining rig. Your data and funds are stored in cold wallet.

Ease of access

Our platform is built in line with user-end satisfaction. The portal is easy to use, and can be accessed from any poin of this earth..

globalassetsinvestment.com is insured

All globalassetsinvestment.com assets are insured against risks. Your funds are always safe, we can guaranty that. Our experts are available all day.

Zero Commission

We don't charge additional fees while performing basic transactios with globalassetsinvestment.com. Zero withdrawal fees, zero vats, and zero commissions. Everything is free.

Mining Softwares

Do you have the hardwares setup already? Purchase our licenced mining softwares, and enjoy unlimited technical supports and lots more.

Global Company

globalassetsinvestment.com is a global standadized bitcoin mining company headquartered in Wuxi, Eastern China. We've recorded global use, in about 141 countries of the world.

We made
globalassetsinvestment.com for you

Money is our livelihood, our future—our hopes and dreams. It shouldn’t be restricted by the limitations of the past. It should be safe, secure and in our own control. We created globalassetsinvestment.com to give everyone the freedom and security to be more and do more with their money.

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